Project Report on Pigments Binders For Textile Printing (Eiri-0993)

Project Report on Pigments Binders For Textile Printing (Eiri-0993)
Product Description
Pigments Binders For Textile Printing (Eiri-0993)  
Pigment printed textiles represent the highest percentage of all printed textiles. This is primarily due to the uncomplicated process and low cost of importing colored patterns to textiles with pigment system. The water insoluble pigment used in most cases as an aqueous dispersion, has no affinity to textile fibres and is not able to enter into chemical or physical reactions with the fibre. For the bonding of pigments to textile a bonding agent generally of a synthetic latex  type, is incorporated in the print paste, which through its film forming properties holds the embedded pigment firmly or fibre surface. Due to the possibility of fixing, pigments to textiles without interaction with the fibre material this class of colorants can be applied to a greater variety of fibres than any other coloring  matter this advantage largely accounts for the popularity of pigments in textile printing especially on fibre blends.
Cost Estimation
  • Plant Capacity  5 Ton/Day
  • Land and Building (Area 1000 sq.mt.)  Rs. 88 Lacs
  • Plant & Machinery  Rs. 27 Lacs         
  • W.C. for 3 Months  Rs. 1.51 Cr.           
  • Total Capital Investment  Rs. 2.73 Cr.              
  • Rate of Return  64%   
  • Break Even Point 29%

Note: ITI can modify the Capacity and Project Cost based on your requirement.

Contents of the Project Reports

Uses and Applications
Market Position
Present Manufacturers
Detailed Process of Manufacture
B.I.S. Specifications
Process Flow Sheet Diagram, Plant Layout,
Cost Economics with Profitability Analysis
Land & Building Requirements with Rates
List & Details of Plant and Machinery with their Costs
Raw Materials Details/List and Costs
Power & Water Requirements
Labour/Staff Requirements
Utilities and Overheads
Total Capital Investment
Cost of Production
Break Even Point
Land Man Ratio
Suppliers of Plant & Machineries and Raw Materials
Cash Flow Statement
Repayment Schedule
Interest Chart
Depreciation Chart
Projected Balance Sheet for 5 Years etc.
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