Project Report on Organic Chemicals & Solvents [Eiri-1225]

Project Report on Organic Chemicals & Solvents [Eiri-1225]
Product Description
Organic Chemicals & Solvents [Eiri-1225]
Phthalide is an organic chemical compound with the molecular formula C8H6O2. It is a lactone that serves as the core chemical structure for a variety of more complex chemical compounds including dyes (such as phenolphthalein), fungicides (such as tetrachlorophthalide, often referred to simply as "phthalide") and natural oils (such as butylphthalide). Phthalides are a group of secondary metabolites or phytochemical compounds classified under lactones. Phthalides are known to provide health benefits by stimulating and/or inhibiting various enzymes in the body. Studies have shown that these compounds can help lower blood pressure, provide an anti-inflammatory function, improve circulation, rid the body of toxins such as uric acid crystals, inhibit malignancy and offer a calming effect. Many of the major phthalides have been isolated from plants mainly medicinal herbs, celery stalks, celery seeds and essential oils of their plant of origin. There are numerous reports on the bio activities of phthalides but investigations concerning the mode of action are few. Phthalides (isobenzofuranone), a family of five-membered lactones in plants, are important building blocks in a large number of biologically active compounds. 3-Arylphthalides, for example, are useful intermediates for the synthesis of tri and tetracyclic natural products such as anthracycline antibiotics.

Cost Estimation
Plant Capacity  36000 KGS/Day
Land & Building (Area 5000 sq.mt.)  Rs. 5.91 Cr.
Plant & Machinery  Rs. 2.14 Cr.         
W.C. for 3 Months  Rs. 2.88 Cr.           
Total Capital Investment  Rs. 11.53 Cr.              
Rate of Return  31%   
Break Even Point 57%

Note: ITI can modify the Capacity and Project Cost based on your requirement.

Contents of the Project Reports

Uses and Applications
Market Position
Present Manufacturers
Detailed Process of Manufacture
B.I.S. Specifications
Process Flow Sheet Diagram, Plant Layout,
Cost Economics with Profitability Analysis
Land & Building Requirements with Rates
List & Details of Plant and Machinery with their Costs
Raw Materials Details/List and Costs
Power & Water Requirements
Labour/Staff Requirements
Utilities and Overheads
Total Capital Investment
Cost of Production
Break Even Point
Land Man Ratio
Suppliers of Plant & Machineries and Raw Materials
Cash Flow Statement
Repayment Schedule
Interest Chart
Depreciation Chart
Projected Balance Sheet for 5 Years etc.
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