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Project Report on Mango Powder And Other Freeze Dried Products

Project Report on Mango Powder And Other Freeze Dried Products
Project Report on Mango Powder And Other Freeze Dried Products
Product Code : Project Report
Product Description
Mango Powder And Other Freeze Dried Products

Mango is the most important fruit of Asia and its total production currently ranks fifth among the major fruit crops, world wide, after banana and plantains. The nutritional  importance of mango is mainly due to its  b-carotene content,  which ranges from 800- 13000mg/100g of mango  depending on the cultivars. India is also one of the largest producers  and consumers  of Dry Mango Powder. Andhra Pradesh and Uttar  Pradesh are one of the major states to produce mango powder. Mango Powder is  a dried spice, extensively used for its taste and  flavor in different cuisines. It is obtained by drying unripe mangoes and then grinding them finely into a powder. Such practices in Indian villages are useful to reduce future losses of ripen mango after huge  production.  It is used for its tangy flavor and a slight tropical aroma. Solar energy was available for 8 to 9 months  in a year with average 7-8 sunshine hours. The average solar energy ranged between 450-500  cal/cm2-day.  The average lowest temperature   was 150C and average highest temperature was  350C. The  use  of solar technology has often been  suggested  for  the dried fruit industry both to reduce energy costs and economically speed  up drying which would be beneficial to final quality. The only  alternative  available  is  solar  drying,  which is most important techniques of food preservation. To reduce the processing losses  during the drying and to retain the quality of dried  product,  it is necessary to dry such fruit in  the  close chamber which preventing product from dust, insect, larva, birds and animal.

Cost Estimation
Plant Capacity  3 Ton/Day Mango Powder
3 Ton/Day Fruits and Vegetables Drying
Land & Building (Area 8000 sq.mt.)  Rs. 8.78 Cr.
Plant & Machinery  Rs. 9.81 Cr.         
W.C. for 1 Months  Rs. 1.67 Cr.           
Total Capital Investment  Rs. 20.85 Cr.              
Rate of Return  36%   
Break Even Point 47%

Note: ITI can modify the Capacity and Project Cost based on your requirement.

Contents of the Project Reports

Uses and Applications
Market Position
Present Manufacturers
Detailed Process of Manufacture
B.I.S. Specifications
Process Flow Sheet Diagram, Plant Layout,
Cost Economics with Profitability Analysis
Land & Building Requirements with Rates
List & Details of Plant and Machinery with their Costs
Raw Materials Details/List and Costs
Power & Water Requirements
Labour/Staff Requirements
Utilities and Overheads
Total Capital Investment
Cost of Production
Break Even Point
Land Man Ratio
Suppliers of Plant & Machineries and Raw Materials
Cash Flow Statement
Repayment Schedule
Interest Chart
Depreciation Chart
Projected Balance Sheet for 5 Years etc.
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