Project Report on Curcumin & Turmeric Oil

Project Report on Curcumin & Turmeric Oil
Product Description


Turmeric  (Curcuma longa) is a native of Asia &  India.  The tuberous  rhizone or underground steam of turmeric are used from antiquity  as condiments. A dye and as an aromatic stimulants  in several  medicines. Turmeric is a very important spice in India, which  produces  nearly the whole  world crop & uses  80%  of  it presently.  It  is cultivated in china,  Taiwan,  Indonesia, Sri Lanka,  Australia, Africa, Peru & the West Indies. Turmeric  uses dates  back  nearly  4000 years, to the vodic culture  in India, when  turmeric  was  the  principal spice  &  also  of  religious significance.  It is much reversed by thindus &  associated with fertility.  In  todays India's, turmeric still  added  to  nearly every  dish be it meat or vegetables. Turmeric has been  used  in Indian systems of medicine for a long time.

The  turmeric has been used in herbal dating from about  600 BC and it also mentioned by Dioscorides. In malaysia the paste of turmeric   is spread on the mothers abdomen and on the  umbilical cord  after child Birth. Not only to warm off one   spirits,  but also for its medicinal value. Bath the East & West  have   held its  medicinal properties in high regards. Rhizomes are the  used plant  port. Fresh turmeric  leaves are  used in some regions  of Indonesia  as  flavouring .

Contents of the Project Reports

  • Introduction

  • Uses and Applications

  • Properties

  • Market Position

  • Present Manufacturers 

  • Detailed Process of Manufacture 

  • Formulations

  • B.I.S. Specifications

  • Process Flow Sheet Diagram, Plant Layout,

  • Cost Economics with Profitability Analysis 

  • Capacity 

  • Land & Building Requirements with Rates

  • List & Details of Plant and Machinery with their Costs

  • Raw Materials Details/List and Costs

  • Power & Water Requirements

  • Labour/Staff Requirements

  • Utilities and Overheads

  • Total Capital Investment

  • Turnover

  • Cost of Production

  • Break Even Point

  • Profitability

  • Land Man Ratio

  • Suppliers of Plant & Machineries and Raw Materials

  • Cash Flow Statement

  • Repayment Schedule

  • Interest Chart

  • Depreciation Chart

  • Projected Balance Sheet for 5 Years etc.

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