Project Report on Cardanol From C.N.S.L. (Cashewnut Shell Liquid) [EIRI-1436]

Project Report on Cardanol From C.N.S.L. (Cashewnut Shell Liquid) [EIRI-1436]
Product Description
Project Report on Cardanol From C.N.S.L. (Cashewnut Shell Liquid) [EIRI-1436]

Cardanol oil, a renewable raw material well known by product of the cashew industry, has been used as the starting material for the synthesis of novel fulleropyrrolidines cardanol based. In this work, cardanol has been used as building block for the preparation of target cardanol based precursors obtained by the way of the convenient transformation of the functional groups  (aromatic ring, -OH group or the double bonds of the side chain) of the cardanolic structure. Pure 3-n-pentadecylphenol and its derivatives having homogeneous chemical composition, used as the precursor of any fulleropyrrolidines, have been prepared by hydrogenation of the un-saturated side chain and subsequent alkylation of the aromatic ring of cardanol. The reactivity of olefinic double bond present in the side-chain which can undergo easy transformation i.e. oxirane formation as well as metathesis reactions affording various interesting fulleropyrrolidines is also described. Cashew nut shell liquid or oil obtained by heat treatment contains about 10% cardol and about 90% cardanol (a vessicant oil liquid) resulting from decarboxylating anacordic acid and its polymers. Formerly, a moister product of the cashew kernel industry in southern India, Cashew nut shell oil has become a valuable raw material in the manufacture of many  industrial product.

Cost Estimation

Plant Capacity                                       5 MT./Day
Land & Building (Area 2000 sq.mt.)      Rs. 1.44 Cr.
Plant & Machinery                                 Rs. 93 Lacs        
W.C. for 1 Month                                  Rs. 75 Lacs          
Total Capital Investment                         Rs. 3.31 Cr.             
Rate of Return                                        29%  
Break Even Point                                    53%

Note: ITI can modify the Capacity and Project Cost based on your requirement.

Contents of the Project Reports

Uses and Applications
Market Position
Present Manufacturers
Detailed Process of Manufacture
B.I.S. Specifications
Process Flow Sheet Diagram, Plant Layout,
Cost Economics with Profitability Analysis
Land & Building Requirements with Rates
List & Details of Plant and Machinery with their Costs
Raw Materials Details/List and Costs
Power & Water Requirements
Labour/Staff Requirements
Utilities and Overheads
Total Capital Investment
Cost of Production
Break Even Point
Land Man Ratio
Suppliers of Plant & Machineries and Raw Materials
Cash Flow Statement
Repayment Schedule
Interest Chart
Depreciation Chart
Projected Balance Sheet for 5 Years etc.

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