Profitable Small Scale Manufacture of Soaps & Detergents

Profitable Small Scale Manufacture of Soaps & Detergents
Product Description
The book covers Soap Industries Raw Materials, Soaps Manufacture on Tiny Scale, Equipments for Tiny/Cottage Scale Soap Industry, Soap from Non-Edible Oils, Soap from Crude  Soap Stock, Soap from Mixed Fatty Acid, Soaps Manufacturing in Medium & Large Scale Sector, Laundry Soap Manufacturing, Toilet Soap Manufacturing, Soap Manufacturing From Fatty Acids, Manufacturing of Transparent Soaps, Manufacturing of Liquid Soaps, Manufacturing of Soft Soaps, Manufacturing of Medicated Soaps, Manufacturing of Shaving Soaps, Manufacturing of Shaving Creams, Synthetic Detergent Powders, Manufacturing of Spray-Dried Powder, Enzyme Detergents Manufacturing, Manufacturing of Liquid & Paste Detergents, Detergent Cakes & Bars, Plant & Machinery for Small Scale Detergents Cakes Manufacture, Testing & Analysis, Determination of Physical Characteristics of Detergents,  Laundry Soap Manufacturing & Technology, Toilet Soap Manufacture, Equipment &  Machinery for Small Scale Soap Manufacture, Project Profiles, Detergent Washing Powder (Arial Type), Acid Slurry (L.A.B.S.), Detergent Cake & Powder,  Laundry & Drycleaner, Liquid Soap, Detergent Powder (Nirma Type), Nero laundry Soap, Detergent Paste (Concentrate), Soap Industry (Soap From Soap Stock), Toilet  Soap, Zeolite-A (For Detergent), Cleanining Powder (Vim Type), Liquid Detergents for Wood, Detergent Paste (Textile Grade), suppliers and Manufacturers of Raw Materials, Suppliers/Manufacturers of Plant & Machinery for Soap & Detergents

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