Profitable Small Scale Manufacture of Cosmetics (Synthetic & Herbal)

Profitable Small Scale Manufacture of Cosmetics (Synthetic & Herbal)
Product Description

The book covers Drugs and Cosmetics Acts and Rules, Most Commonly Used Cosmetics Raw Materials, Hair Structure and Its Chemistry, Hair Shampoos,  Hair Tonics and Conditioners, Hair Wave Sets, Lacquers and Rinses,  Hair Grooming Preparations, Permanent hair Waving Preparations and Hair Straightness, Hair Bleachers and Hair Colourants, Depilatories, Shaving Soaps and Creams,  Skin Creams and Lotions,  Suntan and Anti Sunburn Preparations, Skin Bleach Creams,  Astringents and Skin Tonics, Antiperspirants and Deodorants,  Face Powders and Other Coloured Make-up Preparations,  Body Powders (Talcum Powders), Face Packs and Masks, Nail Lacquers and Removers,  Toothpastes,  Tooth Powders, Mouthwashes, Hair Oils & Hair Lotions,  Preservation of Cosmetics,  Plant and Equipment for herbal Cosmetics Manufacture,  Packaging of Herbal Cosmetics,  Miscellaneous Formulae, Indigenous Materials & Technologies for herbal Cosmetics,  Present Manufacturing of Cosmetics Products, Suppliers of Plant and Equipments, Cosmetics , Raw Materials and Chemicals Manufactuers/Suppliers,  Manufacturers/Raw Materials Suppliers of Herbs/Plants and their Extracts.

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