Products From Waste Technology Hand Book

Products From Waste Technology Hand Book
Product Description
Products from Waste Technology Hand Book

The Book has 37 chapters as follows:

1. Acrylic Sheets
2. Activated Carbon from Saw Dust, Rice Husk and Coconut Shell
3. Activated Carbon from Wood
4. Biocoal Briquettes From Agricultural Cellulosic Waste
5. Biofertilisers from Cowdung and Other Wastes
6. Caffeine from Tea Waste
7. Coal/Fuel Briquettes From Agro Waste (Bagasse, Coffee & Rice Husk Etc.)
8. Furfural
9. Gobar Gas Plant
10. Hand Made Paper
11. Hard Board from Rice Husk
12. Kraft Paper from Waste Carton Boxes
13. Kraft Paper from Waste Paper
14. Ossein and Gelatin
15. Oxalic Acid from Rice Husk
16. Paper Waste Recycling Plant (Paper Mill)
17. Paraffin Wax from Slack Wax
18. Particle Board From Rice Husk
19. Pectin from Mango Peels
20. Plastic Granules
21. Polyester Yarn from Waste
22. Reclamation of Nickel from Spent Catalyst of Vanaspati Industries
23. Reclamation of Used Engine Oil
24. Recovery of Lead from Disposed Lead Acid
25. Recovery of Silver Nitrate from Photographic Waste Fixer
26. Rubber Goods From Waste Rubber
27. Rubber Powder
28. Rubber Reclaiming
29. Secondary Lead Extraction From Scrap, Battery Plates, Pipes, Sheets
30. Silicon from Rice Husk
31. Silver Extraction from Waste Hypo Solution X-Ray Film and Cinema Film
32. Toluene and SBP from Crude Naphtha
33. Tread Rubber Used for Cold Process
34. Vermi-Composting
35. Vodka from Waste Grains
36. Zinc and Copper Sulphate from Brass Ash
37. E-Waste

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