Dairy Farming Industrial Project Reports

Dairy Farming Industrial Project Reports
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Dairy Farming Industrial Project Reports:

With support from the government, the Co-operative movement is gaining strength in the country. This has lead to better prices for farmers and a more organised method of collection, processing and distribution. Many private sector players have now entered the business and their efforts will only help to market, distribute and popularise the consumption of milk and milk products.

     A  dairy  is a place for handling milk  and  milk  products.  Technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge  for practical  purposes.  Dairy technology has been defined  as  that branch  of dairy science which deals with the processing of  milk and the manufacture of milk products on an industrial scale.   In developed dairying countries such as the U.S.A., the year 1850 is seen  as  the  dwindling  line  between  form  and  factory   scale production.  Various factors contributed to this change in  these countries, viz concentration of population in cities where   jobs were   plentiful,   rapid   industrialization,   improvement   of transportation  facilities, development of machines etc,  whereas the  rural areas were identified for milk production,  the  urban centers were selected for the location of milk processing  plants and product manufacturing factories.

     The development and maintenance of a superior dairy herd can be  a source of considerable pride and satisfaction.  Success  in dairy  farming, like any professional achievement, does not  come easily.   It  requires the very best of of  anyone's  ability  to properly  manage, feed, and breed a good herd of cows. The job discussions which follow present important factors  involved  in making a start in dairying.
The scope of our consultancy services includes following activities:

(1)    Assessment of site suitability for dairy farming.

(2)    Complete prefeasibility study of climate, water availability, soil, road connectivity, electric power & drainage: animal rearing pattern in the area, fodder crop pattern, existing infrastructure for veterinary aid, market consumption & milk prices prevalent in the area & to draft a feasibility report.

(3)   To prepare a detailed project report for funding of the project from the bank.

(4)   To provide guidelines on the type of cattle/milch animals suitable for the area and to help in judging, selection sourcing of animals by providing necessary training and support.

(5)   Designing of dairy shed and utilities under Indian conditions & guide the client/contractor in creating the structure which aims at cost reduction, maintaining farm hygiene, facilitate animal movement, reduction of labor cost.

(6)   Help the client in sourcing of equipments of milk handling, manure handling, feed & fodder handling.

(7)   Design feed and fodder management program for the dairy farm, developing a schedule of green fodder cultivation, processing and feeding system. Guide the client in silage making, develop a feeding schedule for the farm, formulate economic ration that aims at balancing between feeding cost reduction and fulfilling animal nutritional requirements, developing nutritional chart for different age group of animals.

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