Book on Coating, Pigments and Inks Industries

Book on Coating, Pigments and Inks Industries
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Technology of Coating, Pigments & Inks Industriesc

Introduction, Polyurethane Coatings, Powder Coatings, Liquid Crystalline Polymers for Surface Coatings, Synthetic Organic Pigments, Equipment used in Inks Industry, Antifouling Coatings, Usage of Vegetable Oils in Green Inks, Polymer Modified Waterproofing System, Accelerated Tests for Anticorrosive Coatings, Opaque Polymers in Latex Paints, UV Curable Powder Coatings, Polyurethane Coating, Superior Coatings from Cyclohexanone Formaldehyde- CNSL- Epoxy Blends, Luminescent Benzanthrone Colourants, Carbon Blacks in Conventional and Water-soluble Paint Systems, Epoxy Flooring Compounds, Development of Interpenetrating Network of Urethane/acrylic Emulsion for High Performance Coatings, Using Melamine Cross linkers in Developing High-Performance Coatings, UV Curable Coatings, Perylene Pigments, Advances in Minimizing Dirt Pick-up on Exterior Latex Paints, Energy Conservation and Related Paints, Radiation Curing and Film Properties of Modified Epoxy Resins, Pigments Dispersions, Colour of Pigments, Caprolactone Modification of Polyester Resins, Utilization of Cost Effective, Non-traditional Materials in Formulation of Protective Coatings, Flame Retardant Smoke Suppressant Coatings for PVC Sheathed Electrical Cables, Acrylics, Additives in Paints, Polyester- based Water- borne and Solvent-borne Coil Coatings, Protection of Concrete Substrates using Protective Coatings, Zinc Dust Pigment, Cyclohexanone- based Ketonic Resins Suitable for Ink Application, Adhesion of UV Curable Inks and Varnishes, Alkyd Manufacturing Process using Designed Experiments, Calcium Carbonate Extenders for Powder Coating Systems, Pigments for Paints Inks and Plastics, Developments in Resins for Powder Coatings, Design of Paint Formulations on the Basis of Solubility Parameters of Resins Pigments and Solvents, Polyester Resin etc.

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